During lecture time, we have our Lunchtime Seminar each Tuesday from 12.15-12.45. During this seminars, researchers of the Department or invited guest provide us with insights into their research.

Datesort ascending Title Abstract
22.04.2014 Prof. Dr. Edzer Pebesma

With increasing amounts and variety of and access to open data collected in our environment, the distance between those who understand the data observation processes and those who analyse the data increases. This enlarges the risk of carrying out operations that are not meaningful, such as summing temperature values or interpolating coal power plant emissions. To avoid the need for tables with permitted analysis procedure for every phenomenon, we attempt to categorize phenomena first.... more

03.05.2011 Stefan Klein, University of Münster: 20 Years of Electronic Market Research: Looking Backwards Towards the Future

Over the past 20 years the field of electronic markets has seen a considerable proliferation and differen- tiation. This position paper takes the opportunity of the 21st volume of “Electronic Markets” to look back at important developments and insights, suggesting a framework that captures the multiple facets and indeed empirical breadth and depths of this concept. It comprises three perspectives which include the market environment, governance choices by economic actors as well as the... more

12.04.2011 Rainer Böhme, University of Münster: Privacy in Online Social Lending

Online social lending is the Web 2.0’s response to classical bank loans. Borrowers publish credit applications on websites which match them with private investors. We point to a conflict between economic interests and privacy goals in online social lending, empirically analyze the effect of data disclosure on credit conditions, and outline directions towards efficient yet privacy-friendly alternative credit markets.