During lecture time, we have our Lunchtime Seminar each Tuesday from 12.15-12.45. During this seminars, researchers of the Department or invited guest provide us with insights into their research.

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30.01.2024 TBA

Speaker: Simon Thanh-Nam Trang


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23.01.2024 TBA

Speaker: Mark Boons

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16.01.2024 TBA

Speaker: Prof. Julia Krönung

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09.01.2024 TBA

Speaker: Prof. Marcos Lordello

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05.12.2023 Navigating Complex Tensions between Incumbents and their Digital Ventures: A Longitudinal Case Study

Speaker: Sara Schiffer

28.11.2023 Appropriate Reliance and Imperfect explainable AI

Speaker: Prof. Niklas Kühl

21.11.2023 Discounting of Algorithms? Consumers’ Valuation of Human- vs. Algorithm-Created Digital Products

Speaker: Dr. Benedikt Berger

14.11.2023 Solving Optimization Problems with Deep Learning: The Future of Decision Support or Just a Passing Trend?

Speaker: Kevin Tierney

31.10.2023 Toward Sustainable Electricity Markets: Capacity-Based Pricing for Electric Vehicle Smart Charging

Speaker: Wolfgang Ketter

24.10.2023 Opening Pandora’s Dox: Insights and learnings from 1.5 years of Doxing research

Speaker: Dr. Anjuli Franz