Our Prof. Kuchen sent up his drone for a spin and took a video of the campus that shows the main building, looking east. It then starts spinning to the south, having a look at the city center, where you can see “Lambertikirche” sticking out, one of the most prominent churches in Münster. The drone turns further, passing our cafeteria (the building which is castellated), our “Kunstakademie” (looks like an elephant) to the west, and the "Technologiehof" in the north-west (some area with mainly tech-related companies). To the north, and at the end of the clip, you see “Steinfurter Straße” leaving Münster towards highway 1:

You may be interested to know that the Leonardo Campus Run takes place once a year, with races for beginning, advanced and ambitious runners. The great road race for Münster’s athletes right on our doorstep!