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Welcome to the Department of Information Systems

The Department of Information Systems (IS) at the University of Münster is considered to be one of the largest and most respectable IS departments in Germany. Periodic national rankings attest to the excellent reputation of the Department. The discipline of Information Systems involves design, introduction, and evaluation of intra- and inter-organizational information systems and connects the research and teaching content of Business Administration and Economics with that of Computer Science in order to create an interdisciplinary, application-oriented subject. For this, we offer a Master of Science in Information Systems study, completely taught in English! Follow it here: FacebookTwitterGoogle+Youtube

The goal of the Department is to offer a thorough internationally applicable education in Economics and Computer Science. This encompasses a broad variety of basic teaching content together with the specific domains ranging from public administration to retail and telecommunication.

Daniel Beverungen was appointed for a Chair of IS, esp. Enterprise Systems by the University of Paderborn.
Learn more about the different possibilities to study IS at our department.
Research at the Department of IS in Münster is conducted in the scope of the European Research Center for Information Systems (ERCIS).
We have attractive international partners around the world. Get information on destinations, financing options, credit transfers and much more.
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