Town hall of Münster with Ukrainian and European flagsSolidarity with the Ukraine

At the Department of Information Systems, we are profoundly shocked by Russia's unwarranted attack on the Ukraine and deeply concerned for the lives and well-being of our friends and colleagues, as well as all people in the Ukraine. Our solidarity goes to the entire Ukrainian population.

We have stopped cooperation with our Russian partner universities and institutions until further notice. We know that this step also creates injustices. We are aware that numerous scientists and students reject the campaign against Ukraine from the bottom of their hearts and are committed to peaceful and constitutional conditions. Nevertheless, this step is essential. The attack on the sovereignty of an independent state in violation of international law are irreconcilable with the principles of peace, democracy and human rights. The attack undermines academic values and the freedom of research and teaching, which are the basis of our academic activities.


Welcome to the Department of Information Systems

The Department of Information Systems at the WWU Münster is one of the biggest and most prestigious Information Systems departments in Germany, and periodic national rankings attest to its excellent reputation. The field of Information Systems covers the design, introduction and evaluation of intra- and inter-organisational information systems and – as an interdisciplinary, application-oriented subject – connects the research and teaching of Business and Economics, in particular Business Administration, with that of Computer Science.

The aim of the Department is to offer a broad business and IT education with an international focus. This is true both with regard to the broad scope of the foundational teaching content and the specific domains, which range from public administration and commerce to telecommunications.



During your period of study at the Department of Information Systems you have the opportunity to visit one of several partner universities across the globe. You have the chance to spend a semester abroad, write your final thesis at a foreign university, attend an international seminar in Münster or do an internship in another country.