Department of Information Systems

The Department of Information Systems was established in 1990 within the School of Business and Economics at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster. The Department employs more than 175 members of staff: eight professors, around 75 other employees and approximately 100 student assistants. Cutting-edge hardware and software facilities are available. The Department is responsible for the Bachelor course in Information Systems and for the English-language Master in Information Systems.

Up to 100 students graduate each year and go on to work in various sectors as consultants, software project managers, information managers, information systems and organisation designers, etc. Through application-oriented research and development projects, we bring together business concepts and modern information and communication technologies to create integrated solutions. Research results are applied in collaborative projects with companies, networks and professional associations. The Department works in advisory roles on the design of operational IT use and process organisation.


The department building