Research Group Computational Social Science and Systems Analysis

The Computational Social Science and Systems Analysis research group works at the intersection of social media analysis, algorithms, technology assessment, as well as on regulatory and ethical issues in the context of the use of data science methods and artificial intelligence.

In the context of social media analytics and technology assessment, the research group deals with issues around

  • the detection of automation and (disinformation) campaigns,
  • the analysis of social (influence) networks, and
  • the ethical and regulatory challenges resulting from the increasing importance of social media platforms.

Additionally, the research group is active in the operations research-related field of algorithm development and optimization. This includes scientific questions and methodological challenges in

  • Multi-objective optimization and decision support,
  • Big Data analysis, and
  • Artificial intelligence.

The research group is involved in the management of the ERCIS Competence Center for Social Media Analytics. At the same time, the research group was and is involved in a leading role in several joint research projects in the area of Computational Social Science (see Projects).

From the winter semester 2023 until after the summer semester 2024, the research group is responsible for many lectures/courses of the Chair of Data Science - Statistics and Optimization.