Pelin Aspar

Increasing Model Utilization in Software Engineering

Tuesday, 16. April 2019 - 12:00 to Tuesday, 18. June 2024 - 10:44, Leonardo-Campus 18

Speaker: Hendrik Bünder

Abstract: "Model-Driven Software Development is widely adopted throughout research and industry" is a sentence that often opens scientific papers regarding model-driven software engineering. While it is true that models are widely adopted they are often not utilized to their full extent. Therefore, efficiency enhancement potential and inherent insights remain unused. The talk presents the current status of research on increasing model utilization in software engineering. The audience will understand how model enrichment, integration, and collaboration enable leveraging the model inherent knowledge. Additionally, research findings from investigating the three approaches will be presented.

Short Bio: Hendrik Bünder received the Bachelor's degree in Information Systems from the Berufsakademie Weserbergland and the Master's degree in Information Systems from the University of Münster. Currently, he is an external Ph. D. student at the Department of Practical Computer Science at the University of Münster. His research focuses on increasing model utilization in software engineering. Hendrik works at itemis AG as IT-Consultant utilizing model-driven approaches in various industrial projects.