During lecture time, we have our Lunchtime Seminar each Tuesday from 12.15-12.45. During this seminars, researchers of the Department or invited guest provide us with insights into their research.

Datesort ascending Title Abstract
06.12.2016 Lunchtime Seminar - Bitcoin & the law – selected legal issues of cryptocurrencies

The use of cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, is steadily growing. Bitcoins are used in e-commerce to purchase both legal and illegal goods, they are transferred and traded, and investors have brought a significant amount of capital to this virtual currency. While the technical aspects of the system are meanwhile well established, many legal questions remain open. Particularly, the de-central organization of the peer-to-peer network makes it difficult to apply existing law. The talk gives an... more

22.11.2016 Lunchtime Seminar - Contract Design Choices and the Balance of Ex Ante and Ex Post Transaction Costs in Software Development Outsourcing

In his talk, Yossi Lichtenstein presents his research on Software Development outsourcing contracts that he published together with Michel Benaroch and Lior Fink in MIS Quarterly this year (Vol 40(1)). His research addresses two under-studied themes in IT outsourcing. The first is about balancing specification costs and hazard costs in drafting contracts. The second theme is the fact that contracts serve multiple functions including safeguarding, coordination and adaptability. As an... more

08.11.2016 Lunchtime Seminar - Professor Joan Rodón Mòdol

Research on the evolutionary dynamics of mobile ecosystems, web browser ecosystems, social networking systems, enterprise software ecosystems, and national eHealth infrastructures is increasingly gaining the attention of the literature on information systems. Unlike administrative enterprise systems and individual applications, these large-scale infrastructures exhibit unbounded (or open-ended) evolution.

25.10.2016 Lunchtime Seminar - DIPL.-VW. Sophie Wohlhage (University of Münster)

Since April 2011, the School of Business and Economics is AACSB accredited. The worldwide acknowledged accreditation seal confirms the school regularly undergoes a comprehensive review of a school’s mission, strategy plan, and assuring of learning processes. The underlying accreditation concept of formative evaluation assumes a high level of alignment of goals and worldviews between the school and the accreditation network in order to be productive, helpful and constructive for the... more

18.10.2016 Lunchtime Seminar - Prof. Donncha Kavanagh (University College Dublin)

Bitcoin—and cryptocurrencies more generally—is an important and distinctive digital infrastructure that warrants substantive study by students of information systems.  In this seminar, the Bitcoin system will be briefly described and the particular methodological challenges involved in studying the phenomenon are also discussed.

12.07.2016 Lunchtime Seminar - Prof. Mark Haselkorn (University of Washington/Seattle)

What is state-of-the-art technology innovation?  Why does so much depend on the evolving relationship between human-centered designers and software developers?  How is this evolving relationship changing our basic notions of technology design, particularly the design of complex systems?  What about the equally critical roles of other key stakeholders such as end users, project sponsors, and technology administrators—how do they fit into the equation?  How will the roles and skills of... more

05.07.2016 Lunchtime Seminar - Tanja Merfeld (Universität Münster)

Electric vehicles have received significant attention as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional vehicles with combustion engines. In order to achieve the goal of one million electric cars on the road by 2020, the German federal government recently announced a buyer’s premium of €4000. However, most customers will make their buying decisions for electric cars depending on the long term financial benefits of e-car ownership. E-vehicle services are a potential source of financial benefits... more

21.06.2016 Lunchtime Seminar - Prof. Dr. Thomas Bäck und Prof. Dr. Aske Plaat (Universität Leiden)

Data science and optimization are core research areas at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science since the formation of the institute 20 years ago. Only recently, industry has also become aware of the huge potential of the corresponding technologies for solving relevant business problems. In this presentation, we will give an overview of some of the data science and optimization research and applications at LIACS. Some of our current algorithm development work will be explained... more

07.06.2016 Lunchtime Seminar - Dr. Rainer Hoffmann (EnBW)

As a consequence of the German energy transformation, energy markets are significantly affected by solar and wind power. Since renewable feed-in can only be predicted several days ahead with increasing quality as less time remains, short term power markets gain importance. Optimizing flexible assets in short term markets is a highly complex task since mathematical, technical and process-related challenges have to be considered. This talk will give an overview on the existing short term... more

24.05.2016 Lunchtime - Christian Remfert (Universität Münster)

IT Service Management (ITSM) is an IT management paradigm highly recognized and widely used in practice. The paradigm is promoted by international industry standards and frameworks, the most prominent one being the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). As such, ITSM has also attracted more and more interest from academia since the turn of the century. Despite its widespread adoption in practice and extant research, there is still much ambiguity surrounding the concept of an... more