Katrin Bergener

Poster Prize for WWU IS researchers at Pharmaceutical History Biennale

Award for the poster ""The Role of the Poor in the Formation of Germany's Health System"
Patrick Troglauer (WWU) and Dr. Kerstin Grothusheitkamp (Uni Marburg) at the pharmaceutical history biennal in Detmold 2021

At the poster exhibition of this year's Pharmaceutical History Biennial of the German Society for the History of Pharmacy, which took place in Detmold from 08 to 10 October 2021, Patrick Troglauer (University of Münster), Dr. Meral Avci (RWTH Aachen University), Dr. Kerstin Grothusheitkamp (Philipps University of Marburg), and Dr. Stefan Schellhammer (University of Münster) presented their poster entitled "The Role of the Poor in the Formation of Germany's Health System" and were awarded the poster prize. In their poster, which was developed as part of the joint research project "From artifact to infra structura - The drug prescription as intellectual and material vantage point to the design of societal infrastructure", which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Reference number: 01UO1834C), the four scientists investigate the role of the poor as incubators for innovations that can still be found as milestones in today's German health system.