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    RTG 1712 - Trust and Communication in a Digitized World

    The research training group examines how trust can be developed and maintained under the conditions of new forms of communication. Digitized means of communication change the structure and sustainability of trust because firstly, familiar face-to-face communication is replaced by digitized interactions, secondly, virtual social and office networks emerge and finally, because new forms of relationships between the public, organisations and individuals develop.

    Project status in progress
    Project time 01.04.2012- 31.03.2021
    Website http://www.uni-muenster.de/GK-Vertrauen-Kommunikation
    Funding source DFG - Research Training Group
    Project number GRK 1712
    Keywords Trust, communication, digitalization, RTG, Research Training Group, internet


    Comparison of E-Government Strategies in Europe

    Germany started digitisation comparatively late, which is why the focus is often on European partners who are already further advanced in this area. In many cases, the question of how Germany can learn from other countries has been, and still is, a central issue. The digitisation successes of the Scandinavian countries in particular appear to be groundbreaking in this respect, whereby the question arises as to how far the results can be transferred to German conditions there. In this project we critically analyse the transferability of e-government strategies as well as experiences in their implementation, especially in a direct comparison of Denmark and Germany.

    Project status in progress
    Project time 01.05.2019- 31.12.2019
    Keywords E-Government, Strategie, Komparative Analyse


    Gender Equality Plans for Information Sciences and Technology Research Institutions

    EQUAL-IST aims at introducing structural changes to enhance gender equality within Information Systems and Technology Research institutions, which have been demonstrated to be among the research sectors most affected by gender inequalities at all levels.

    Project status in progress
    Project time 01.06.2016- 31.05.2019
    Website http://www.equal-ist.eu/
    Funding source EU H2020 - Coordination and support action
    Project number 710549
    Keywords gender mainstreaming; gender equality; information systems; gender equality action plans


    Digitization Competencies of Managers in the Public Sector

    Project status in progress
    Project time 01.01.2018- 30.09.2018
    Funding source Nationales E-Government Kompetenzzentrum e.V.
    Project number N2018084
    Keywords Digitalisierung; Wirtschaftsinformatik