Track: Marketing

Marketing is the critical component of market- oriented leadership and is a set of activities for creating, communicating, and delivering offe- rings that have value for a firm’s stakeholders (e.g., customers) and at the same time create value for the firm.

In this track, you will learn to identify custo- mers’ needs, attract new and retain existing cu- stomers, market new products, deliver products/services to customers, and create va- lue for the customer and the company. Know- ledge about marketing and thus market- oriented leadership in combination with know- ledge about information systems makes you an attractive employee. 

The lectures

  • Customer Relationship Management and Direct Marketing (Winter Term)

    This lecture focuses on how companies can de- sign and influence customer relationships and thereby acquire relationship equity. Students obtain an overview of the planning, implemen- tation, and integration of various direct marke- ting media. Applications of modern market research tools in the field of customer relation- ship management and direct marketing are dis- cussed and value-oriented planning and optimization of direct marketing activities and the monitoring of its success will be emphasi- zed. 

  • Innovation Management (Winter Term)

    This course teaches how to create value through products and services by (technology- driven) innovation in both entrepreneurial and established firms. Innovation-based strategies are examined as a source of competitive ad- vantage. The lecture also discusses how to build organizations that excel at identifying, building and commercializing technological in- novations and how entrepreneurs can shape their firms so that they continuously build and commercialize valuable innovations. 

  • Channel Management (Summer Term)

    This class teaches the fundamentals of an inte- grated channel management covering commu- nication (e.g., traditional media, social media, mobile) and distribution channels (e.g., brick- and-mortar, online). The lecture discusses stra- tegic aspects of an integrated channel manage- ment and challenges in coordinating multiple channels of communication and distribution to learn how to create sustainable customer rela- tionships through channel management.