Track: Information Management

The discipline of Information {Technology | Sys- tems} Management (IM) is concerned with the managerial challenges that executives with re- sponsibility for Information Technology (IT) and Information Systems (IS) have to face. Accordingly, the IM track aims at educating and trai- ning students for future executive positions in the field of information systems. 

The lectures

  • Managing the Information Age Organization (Winter Term)

    This course is an introduction to management theories that promise to provide guidance to executives in the co-called Information or Digi- tal Age. The lecture introduces students to management studies in general and organization studies in particular. The course familiarizes students with fundamental strategy and organization theories, but also puts to discussion the validity and applicability of these theories. This is done with a special eye on actual management challenges that characterize the so-called “Digital Age”. 

  • Information Management Tasks & Techniques (Winter Term)

    In simple words, this MBA-like course is educa- tion for prospective (senior) executives who want to take over responsibility for IT/IS. The course introduces students to the tasks and decisions that these executives face.

    • Development of IT/IS Strategies
    • IT/IS Investment Planning
    • IT/IS Portfolio Management
    • IT/IS Programme and Project Management • IT Operations Management

    • IT sourcing and shoring
    • Organization of the IT/IS Function • IT Governance

    The course also introduces students to heuri- stics, frameworks and tools that help deal with IM tasks successfully. The solution of practical IM problems and the application the IM techniques is trained in case study sessions. 

  • Information Management Theories (Summer Term)

    Compared to the IMTT course, the IMT course is more academically oriented, since it introduces students to the current academic debate, IM theories and IM research. The course focuses on theory development in five research fields:

    • IT Strategy Theory
    • IT Productivity Theory
    • Organization Theory of IS
    • IT Sourcing Theory
    • IT Organization and Governance Theory

    Teaching-wise, the lecture takes place as a class discussion on groundbreaking and semi- nal papers in the IM realm. Preparation for the- se discussions is done in group-work based on regular readings. Group work also includes pre- sentations of students on the papers discussed in class.