Benedikt Berger

Podcast "Im Hier und Morgen" addresses research at the department

Prof. Dr. Benedikt Berger talks to Kai Gondlach about intelligent IT systems in companies
Cover of the Podcasts "Im Hier und Morgen" by Kai Gondlach
Podcast "Im Hier und Morgen" by Kai Gondlach

In the current episode of the podcast "Im Hier und Morgen", Kai Gondlach talks (in German) with Prof. Dr. Benedikt Berger about the deployment and use of AI-based systems in companies. The occasion arose through the soon to be published book "Arbeitswelt und KI 2030", which Kai Gondlach is editing together with Inka Knappertsbusch. For this book, Prof. Dr. Benedikt Berger, together with Dr. Alexander Rühr and Prof. Dr. Thomas Hess from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, has written a chapter entitled "Intelligente IT-Systeme im Unternehmen: Kontrolle und Transparenz als Mittel zur Vertrauensbildung". The podcast episode is now available both here and in all popular podcast players.