Luis Filipe de Araujo Pessoa

Brazilian guest researcher to further the cooperation with the WWU

This month the chair for Information Sytems and Supply Chain Management welcomed Marcus Fagundes, a Brazilian Ph.D. candidate in Industrial Engineering at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) and a lecturer at the University of Southwest Bahia (UESB). His visit is a direct result of the “German-Brazilian Workshop on Information Systems in Logistics and Industrial Engineering” held in Recife. The event focused on the promotion of joint work among Professors and young researchers from northeastern Brazilian universities and the WWU-Münster. By that occasion, Prof. Hellingrath and Prof. Dr. Francisco Freires from the Industrial Engineering Program (PEI/UFBA), the supervisor of Marcus Fagundes’s Ph.D. work, started bilateral discussions to identify cooperation partnerships between both research groups.

In this context, the three-months stay of Marcus Fagundes is one important step to further this cooperation. He will conceptualize the empirical part of his research and explore opportunities for establishing long-term collaborative projects with the group. His research focuses on the development of Artificial Intelligence models for Supply Chain Risk Management in energy systems.