Michael Räckers

AluminiUM promotes improvement of study conditions

Department receives 3,500 EUR as part of the ProCampus Initiative
Michael Räckers and Sophie Stockinger
Michael Räckers and Sophie Stockinger

The ProCampus Initiative was launched in 2007 to support projects aimed at sustainably improving the conditions of study at the Faculty of Business and Economics. Employees and students were invited to submit their ideas as part of grant applications. After careful consideration of the applications, the AlumniUM Board selected projects of the Department for Information Systems and the Dean's Office. This week, the symbolic awards for both applications were finally made by AlumniUM board member Dr. Sophie Stockhinger.

The Department for Information Systems receives funding of 3,500 EUR, which will enable the acquisition and installation of screens for the WI learning world on the Leonardo Campus. The WI Learning World, which emerged from the WI Library and expanded the existing space with two group workspaces, is designed to promote student collaboration. At the request of the students, the learning world now offer space for group presentations where, for example, documents can be edited together and presentations can be rehearsed. Through the resources of the ProCampus Initiative screens could be purchased for this purpose, following the explicit request of the students.