Carolin Wagner

BENTELER: Engineering Expertise with home ground in Paderborn

Clear values. Clear objectives. Our way”, that´s BENTELER- Groups´ philosophy, but what does it mean exactly? The Chair for Information Systems and Supply Chain Management and a group of students from the Chair´s lecture “Supply Chain Management” have taken a closer look to find out more about the company.

The company field trip took place in Paderborn, where the company is located since 1923. Overall, the 140-year-old family business is well diversified:  30.000 employees in 40 countries and 161 locations, in the divisions of automotive, steel/tube and distribution. In Paderborn, every area is represented.

At the beginning, the group listened to interesting presentations from Bernd Düsterhaus and Frank Zieprecht in which the company was introduced and furthermore the Global Supply Chain Management and Planning at BENTELER´s explained. A lively discussion emerged and clarified, that it is important for the students to take a look from lecture theories to actual world applications. Especially the problem to handle critical supply chains, caught attention. Because of their enormous length, they implicate various challenges.

The presentations were followed by an opportunity to see the latest and highly automatic production plants. The students were able to take a closer look at certain products and got more information about their production, packaging and traceability.

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