• 2021

    Article in Journal

    Hellweg, F., Lechtenberg, S., Hellingrath, B., & Thomé, A. M. T. (2021). Literature Review on Maturity Models for Digital Supply Chains. Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management, 18(03).
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    Conference Paper

    Hellweg, F., Monealegre, J., Hellingrath, B., & Thomé, A. (2021). Capabilities to support the digital transformation of supply chains in companies: A literature review. In Proceedings of the 28th International Annual European Operations Management Association Conference, Berlin, Deutschland (online). (Accepted)
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    Chapter in Book

    Hellweg, F., Meierkort, L., Severin, T., & Hellingrath, B. (2021). Preconditions and Challenges in the Digital Transformation of Supply Chains: Findings from Academia and Practice. In Buscher, U., Lasch, R., & Schönberger, J. (Eds.), Logistics Management. Contributions of the Section Logistics of the German Academic Association for Business Research (pp. 15–32). Lecture Notes in Logistics. Dresden: Springer.
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