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    SPP 1921: "Intentional Forgetting" in organisations: Forgetting confidently: Determinants and consequences of trustful usage of information systems in organizations

    Continuously increasing and changing amounts of data in modern organizations demand new information handling strategies. Effective knowledge management requires a flexible selection of essential information, for example, for decision processes under uncertainty or in dynamic economic markets. In this regard, information systems can reduce decision maker's cognitive load, emotional strain, and stress. However, for those positive effects to occur, persons need to use the information systems trustfully in order to forget "confidently". The goal of the present research project is to model and empirically examine the psychological processes underlying trustful use of information systems, enabling intentional forgetting.

    Project status definitely finished
    Project time 01.01.2020- 31.01.2023
    Website https://www.getrost-vergessen.de
    Funding source DFG - Priority Programme
    Project number HE 2745/16-2; BE 1422/21-2
    Keywords Intentional Forgetting; Motivation; Emotion; Psychology; Information Systems