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    PIONEER - ERASMUS Mundus Master "Public Sector Innovation and eGovernance"

    The four-semester European masters program, called PIONEER, developed by the University of Muenster together with KU Leuven and Tallinn University of Technology, focuses on the interdisciplinary know-how needed in the public sector to fully exploit the potential of information and communication technologies (ICT) and technological innovation. PIONEER (1) addresses the needs of public administrations and identifies the potential benefits of ICT for the future development of public administrations and their service provision; (2) closes a gap in current higher education landscape; and (3) creates an innovative offer in terms of the required interdisciplinary skills in the public sector. PIONEER is co-financed by the ERASMUS + Program of the European Union.

    Project status definitely finished
    Project time 01.10.2016- 30.09.2021
    Website https://pioneer-master.eu/
    Funding source EC - Lifelong Learning Programme: Erasmus+
    Project number 2016-2052/001-001
    Keywords Information Systems; Information Management; E-Government; Public Sector