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    FOKUS:SE - Researcher Network Service Engineering

    Services are highly relevant to the economy and the society. The market success and quality of services depend on their concept and design. The DFG-sponsered research network "FOKUS:SE" connects different German research institutions, which are doing theoretical and practical research on service engineering.

    Project status definitely finished
    Project time 01.01.2015- 01.01.2021
    Website https://fokusse.ifdt.org/
    Keywords Service Engineering; Research Network; German Research Foundation; DFG


    Joint Project: smart services for interactive customer experiences in High Street Retailing - project part: Mobile application development for location-based services

    smartmarket² adapts successful strategies from online retailing to high street retailing to create interactive customer experiences. The goal is to strengthen the versatility and the attractiveness of high streets and city centers, and to reinforce the individual business models of local retailers against their common competition with online retailing.

    Project status definitely finished
    Project time 01.03.2017- 30.06.2020
    Website http://www.smartmarketsquare.de
    Funding source Federal Ministry of Education and Research
    Project number 02K15A074
    Keywords Retail; Digitalisation; Customer Experience; Location-based Services; Service Engineering


    Propelling Business Process Management by Research and Innovation Staff Exchange

    RISE_BPM networks world-leading research institutions and corporate innovators to develop new horizons for Business Process Management (BPM). BPM is a boundary-spanning discipline focused on division and re-integration of day-to-day work in organisations and on analysis of process data for organisational decision-making. Recent break-through innovations in Social Computing, Smart Devices, Real-Time Computing, and Big Data Technology create a strong impetus for propelling BPM into a pervasive corporate topic that enables design of entirely new products and services.

    Project status definitely finished
    Project time 01.05.2015- 30.04.2019
    Website http://www.rise-bpm.eu
    Funding source EC H2020 - Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions - Research and Innovation Staff Exchange
    Project number 645751
    Keywords Business Process Management; BPM; Business Processes


    Joint Project: Crowdsourcing - Charging Service Provided by Private Persons as an Innovative Business Model - Project Part: User Acceptance and Service Design

    CrowdStrom is a project that aims at developing a new business model for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Through involvement of charging stations owned by private persons, the business model addresses challenges of the current infrastructure development for electric vehicles.

    Project status definitely finished
    Project time 01.05.2015- 31.01.2017
    Website http://www.crowdstrom.de/
    Funding source Federal Ministry of Education and Research
    Project number 01FE13019E
    Keywords Crowd-Sourcing; Electric vehicle network; Service science research; willingness to pay; incentive system; charging infrastructure