During lecture time, we have our Lunchtime Seminar each Tuesday from 12.15-12.45. During this seminars, researchers of the Department or invited guest provide us with insights into their research.

Datesort ascending Title Abstract
09.01.2018 Lunchtime Seminar - Smart Urban Resilience

A key feature of many future technologies is that they rely more and more on ICT-technologies - hence the vulnerability potential tends to grow. New technologies should be implemented in a sensible way s. t. urban resilience increases but at least does not decrease. The transformation of the classical power system into smart grids is one of the most prominent and societally relevant examples of upcoming transformations - the ongoing increase of automation and power consumption illustrates... more

19.12.2017 Lunchtime Seminar - Die another day - Repurposing used Electric Vehicle Batteries

An immature battery technology is one of the crucial obstacles to a quick diffusion of electric mobility in Germany. A core factor is the high initial costs of electric car batteries which cause electric vehicles to be significantly more expensive than comparable vehicles propelled by an internal combustion engine. One way to improve the total cost of ownership of batteries and electric vehicles is the repurposing and further use of electric vehicle batteries that are no longer usable for... more

12.12.2017 Lunchtime Seminar - The Once-Only Principle and its Implementation in Europe

The objective of this talk is to discuss  the “once-only” principle (OOP) and with it the  The Once-Only Principle Project ( “TOOP”), and to summarize the motivation and ambition behind the project. The concept of the OOP focuses on reducing the administrative burden of individuals and businesses by re-organising public sector internal processes, instead of making individuals and business users adjust to those processes. According to the OOP, public administrations should collect information... more

05.12.2017 Lunchtime Seminar - JiTT@OS2017: Why and how not to lecture

JiTT@OperatingSystems was as project throughout summer term 2017 funded with a fellowship for innovation in digital university teaching by Stifterverband and Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research (NRW).  The project aimed to improve the teaching and learning situation throughout lectures on “Operating Systems” in the module “Computer Structures and Operating Systems” (compulsory module in Bachelor studies Wirtschaftsinformatik, 4th semester)... more

28.11.2017 Lunchtime Seminar - The real demand for global and local environmental protection – experimental evidence from climate change mitigation in Beijing

In this study, the real demand for global and local environmental protection in Beijing/China is investigated. Participants from Beijing were offered the opportunity to contribute to voluntary climate change mitigation by purchasing permits from Chinese CO2 emissions trading schemes (ETS). Purchased permits were withdrawn from the ETS. Since CO2 emissions are inevitably linked to emissions of local pollutants the objective of our study is to disentangle the real demand for global and for... more

21.11.2017 Lunchtime Seminar - Getrost vergessen

Intentional forgetting is a tandem project of the University of Münster with the disciplines Organisational & Business Psychology (Guido Hertel) and Information Systems (Jörg Becker) which focuses on studies on motivational factors that can interfere or promote intentional forgetting in organizations. Intentional forgetting is operationalized by the extent of the utilization of information systems. Information systems provide users with relevant information. The research is about the... more

14.11.2017 Lunchtime Seminar - Development of an information platform for young women for professional and academic orientation in IT-related professions (Digital Me)

Digital Me aims to provide women with a browser-based and target group-specific offer for the IT-related professions. In a virtual world environment, the participants aged 15 to 17 can find information and decision-making aids as well as games. In the end they know the content and career opportunities in selected IT professions so that they can consciously chose their studies and professions. In this way, Digital Me strives for a higher participation of young women in occupations with IT... more

24.10.2017 Lunchtime Seminar - Liner Shipping Single Service Design Problem with Arrival Time Service Levels

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Kevin Tierney, seit 2014 Juniorprofessor an der Universität Paderborn, Department Wirtschaftsinformatik, wird im Rahmen der Sitzung der Berufungskommission für die vorgezogene Wiederbesetzung des LS WI und Logistik, Prof. Hellingrath, referieren.

17.10.2017 Lunchtime Seminar - Gender Equality Plan for the Department of Information Systems at the University of Muenster

Since June 2016 and until May 2019 the Department of Information Systems at the University of Muenster participates in the EQUAL-IST (“Gender Equality Plans for Information Sciences and Technology Research Institutions”) international project funded by the EU (European Union) Horizon 2020 Framework Programme. The project goal is to introduce structural changes in the seven participating Information Sciences and... more

10.10.2017 Lunchtime Seminar - What types of techniques have been applied in process mining?

Although process mining can no longer be considered a really new research area, it still has many opportunities and challenges, as the solutions presented are still weak compared to real-world needs. Process mining can be defined as a research discipline between “machine learning and data mining” on the one hand and “process modeling and analysis” on the other hand. However, how much machine learning has actually been applied in process mining? What about computational intelligence... more