Michaela Meinert

Lunchtime Seminar - Discovering Design Features of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the Knowledge-based Work of the Future: A Socio-Technical Analysis

Tuesday, 15. January 2019 - 12:00 to Thursday, 18. July 2024 - 9:52, Leonardo-Campus 18

Speaker:   Prof. Jungwoo Lee

Abstract:   Knowledge-based work has realized across industries and jobs, and the infiltration of AI into this work comes exponentially with advance of technologies. In this regard, Artificial intelligence (AI) produces a series of design features in this knowledge work environment of the future. The purpose of this study is to discover a variety of AI design features in the future-oriented knowledge-based work by a view of socio-technical perspective. To elucidate divergent design features of AI, we performed a systemic review of industrial reports on AI design artifacts appeared in industrial reports from 2010 to 2018. By this analysis, we conceptualized a typological framework, focusing on automation and intelligence as the two primary factors in considering and developing AI applications related to the future work. Based on this, this study epitomizes AI specifications for desirable future nature of work studies in information systems (IS). The primary contributions are first, proposing a theoretical framework of AI design features for the knowledge work of the future, and second, generating feasible guideline of research opportunities based on our findings.

Short Bio:  Jungwoo Lee is the Director of Center for Work Science, and a professor of information systems and technologies at Graduate School of Information, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea. His current research focuses on the changing nature of work by information and communication technologies. Currently, he is chairing the IFIP WG 9.1 on ICT and Work. In the early days of government digitalization, he has published a developmental model of digital government, providing a theoretical basis for numerous international indices for e-government development. Aside from academic responsibilities, he had been the CIO of Yonsei Univeristy since 2016. He was a regular columnist for the Digital Times and the Segyeilbo. In 2013, he ran a news program at the M-Money Broadcasting Station specialized in economic analysis. He holds a PhD and MS in computer information systems from Georgia State University, MBA from Sogang University, BA in English Language and Literature from Yonsei University.