Monika Rohe

Lunchtime Seminar - Die another day - Repurposing used Electric Vehicle Batteries

Tuesday, 19. December 2017 - 12:00 to Saturday, 25. May 2024 - 19:41, Leo 18

Title: Die another day - Repurposing used Electric Vehicle Batteries

Speakers: Florian Plenter and Markus Monhof


An immature battery technology is one of the crucial obstacles to a quick diffusion of electric mobility in Germany. A core factor is the high initial costs of electric car batteries which cause electric vehicles to be significantly more expensive than comparable vehicles propelled by an internal combustion engine. One way to improve the total cost of ownership of batteries and electric vehicles is the repurposing and further use of electric vehicle batteries that are no longer usable for automotive applications.  In the research project “End-Of-Life Solutions for eCar-Batteries – Development of Product-Service-Systems and Information Systems for Decision Support (EOL-IS)”, a decision support system was designed and implemented to identify the best second-life application for every single battery as well as to offer additional services to provide customers with fitting value propositions. In this talk, an introduction to the topic by means of challenges faced when repurposing used electric vehicle batteries as well as information systems to address these problems is given.


Florian Plenter and Markus Monhof are researchers and Ph.D. candidates at the Chair for Information Systems and Information Management, European Research Center for Information Systems (ERCIS), University of Münster, Germany. Florian received a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Münster. His current research interests comprise business models in the domain of the Sharing Economy and electric mobility.

Markus received his Master’s degree in Information Systems from the University of Paderborn. His research interests comprise business intelligence and decision support as well as information systems development. Currently, he is working in the domain of electric mobility.