Silvia Böhmer

"Last" lecture by Prof. Herbert Kuchen and Prof. Stefan Klein

On July 3rd, the department was able to give a fitting farewell to Prof. Herbert Kuchen and Prof. Stefan Klein in their "last" lecture entitled "A Not Entirely Serious Retrospective at Around 50 Years of Information Systems".

Stefan Klein was a professor of interorganizational systems, with a research focus on information infrastructures, digitalization and risk, and transformation of work. He examined practices of technology use and organizational transformation from an individual to an industry level. To date, Herbert Kuchen was Professor of practical computer science at ERCIS. His research focus was on programming languages, parallel programming, and software engineering, in particular model-driven software engineering and testing.

With a creative programme reflecting on the beginnings of the two professors, musical interludes by Prof. Jörg Becker, an "accreditation" of Prof. Stefan Klein, and a virtual hike with Prof. Herbert Kuchen, the colleagues and companions recalled their shared experiences. After many different puzzles, which both the audience and the two professors had to solve, Prof Stefan Klein and Prof Herbert Kuchen were bid farewell with much applause and a champagne reception.