Silvia Böhmer

Paper Presentations at ECIS 2024

The 32nd European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) was held from June 13-19, 2024, in Paphos, Cyprus. ECIS is one of the leading conferences in Information Systems and this year it was held under the slogan “People First: Constructing Digital Futures Together.

The ECIS is an important outlet for our faculty to publish their research: it is highly ranked and well-visited. The following papers, (co-)authored by members of our department, have been accepted and presented at the conference.

Full Paper:

Nguyen, Binh An Patrick and Scholta, Hendrik, "From Text to Model to Execution: A Literature Review on Methods for Creating Conceptual Models from Legal Regulations" (2024).

A systematical review of different methods from academic literature that transform legal regulations into conceptual models. This review identifies gaps in current research, such as the lack of model integration and consideration of local government specifics, and suggests ways to address these gaps.

Schiffer, Sara; Werner, Matthias; and Stockhinger, Jan,"Navigating Tensions in the Pursuit of Digital Innovation: Seven Years of Evidence from an Incumbent and Its Digital Venture" (2024).

How do organizations navigate the tensions between established structures and digital innovation? A comprehensive seven-year case study of German insurance giant DEVK reveals the genesis, evolution, and intricate connections of these tensions, contributing significant findings to the discourse on successful digital venturing within incumbent firms. 

Short Paper:

Stockhinger, Jan, "Towards the Tokenized Music Industry? Analyzing Non-Fungible Tokens Through a Social Construction of Technology Lens" (2024).

How are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) reshaping the music industry? Jan’s paper examines this question through the lens of Social Construction of Technology (SCOT). His findings illuminate the varied interpretations and uses of NFTs among different industry stakeholders, offering critical insights into the future of music tokenization.

Kruse, Paul, "A Design-Driven Approach to Facilitate University-SME Cooperation" (2024).

By applying the initial steps of the Design Science Research approach, the paper provides an overview of UBC formation from the perspectives of governments, businesses, and universities, and outlines the requirements for a digital platform to facilitate these University-SME Cooperation effectively.