Anna Sophia Alverdes

Project seminar LC HouseTech revises information displays and room booking system

The bachelor project seminar Leonardo Campus HouseTech dealt with the digitalisation of the institute this semester. Part of the project was the revision of the information displays at the entrances of the building Leonardo-Campus 3. These were given a new design and new functions based on the results of a survey of students and staff of the department. In addition to the new intuitive campus navigation and information about the staff, it is now possible to view the bus timetable, the weather report, the canteen menu and posts of the department’s Instagram account.

In addition to the information displays, members of the project seminar have also revised the booking system for the meeting and seminar rooms as well as the lecture halls so that the occupancy will be shown on the display in front of them. Finally, the extent to which the department's door signs can be digitised using e-ink displays was examined.