Carolin Wagner

Predictive Maintenance in the Automotive Industry

Final presentation of the project seminar in Paderborn

In the summer term 2019, a group of eight students participated in a project seminar organized by the chair of information Systems and Supply Chain Management in cooperation with BENTELER Automotive in Paderborn. The project objective was the selection of suitable machines for predictive maintenance and the implementation of a predictive maintenance approach by estimating future machine failures.

The results of the project seminar were presented last Monday at the BENTELER Automotive plant in Paderborn. After a tour of the production facility, the students introduced their developed process for a structured and target-oriented machine selection as well as the successful application of Data Analytics and Machine Learning tools to accurately identify and predict breakdowns for one selected machine.

We once again thank our partners of BENTELER Automotive for the possibility to work with them on this interesting case and especially for the helpful support during the semester!