Tobias Kreuter

Workshop on Collaboration in the Digital Age

Picture: © RuralTechnologist.com

The proliferation of digital technologies has made the world at once a smaller and a more complex place. While established business practices are disrupted, digital technology equally affords new opportunities. Collaboration has become a way for individuals, teams and businesses to cope with complexity and harness new opportunities.

From October 15th until October 16th, the workshop “Collaboration in the Digital Age”, organized by the Chair of Interorganizational Systems at the Department of Information Systems, brings together scholars interested in the collaboration of teams, cooperatives, projects and new cooperative systems based on resource sharing to discuss the topic from different theoretical and empirical angles.

The workshop marks the recent publication of a new book “Collaboration in the Digital Age – How Technology Enables Individuals, Teams and Business” in honor of Prof. Dr. Stefan Klein’s 60th birthday.