Carolin Wagner

Successful workshop on future collaborations between ERCIS and University of São Paulo

usp.wwu Workshop

In the last days, a delegation from different information systems departments at the University of Sao Paulo (USP) in Brazil visited ERCIS to discuss future collaborations in education and research in the field of Information Systems.

The Brazilian visitors got to know the University of Münster by visiting ERCIS, the Institute for Geoinformatics, the Institute for Medical Informatics, and the Computer Science department. Besides discussing and designing future collaboration projects, they also got to know the history and culture of Münster. Additionally, a PhD workshop brought together students from ERCIS and USP to present their research topics, get feedback from Brazilian and German researchers and identify joint collaboration ideas.

As a result more than 20 collaborative projects were sketched, talks towards the integration of USP into the ERCIS network are undergoing, and another workshop between WWU and USP is planned to take place in September this year. Participants from both universities are very satisfied with the results of the workshop and looking forward to work together to realize the identified projects.