Simon Lansmann

Volunteers for Student Time Management Study wanted

As part of a M. Sc. seminar at the Chair for IS and Interorganizational systems (Prof. Dr. Klein), the participants have developed a questionnaire to analyze time management practices of students. We are looking for students to participate in this study. The questionnaire is available at: https://limesurvey.ercis.org/index.php/591699.


Stress among students poses an increasing problem. Due to digitalization, students are faced with information overload, distraction through social media, etc. A strategy to cope with the increased level of stress is a good time management. This study aims at identifying variables that influence students' time use and time management, which in turn may affect well-being and academic performance. By filling out the questionnaire, the participants can self-reflect on current time management practices, which are important not only during the time of study but for the whole professional career. The questionnaire is open until the 30th of November 2017.