Denis Mayr Lima Martins

Data Analytics-Driven Supply Chain Performance Measurement Systems

Tuesday, 25. January 2022 - 12:00 to 13:00, Zoom

Talk title: Data Analytics-Driven Supply Chain Performance Measurement Systems

Speaker affiliation: Raquel Mello, Ph.D. candidate at the Chair for Information Systems & Supply Chain Management, University of Münster.

Talk abstract: The unprecedented disruptions of highly competitive and dynamic business environments force supply chains to operate more efficiently and effectively. An essential cornerstone to address these challenges is the realization of a supply chain performance measurement system (SCPMS) supporting informed decisions to be made. Such a realization includes leveraging data analytics over the increasing amount of data produced within and outside supply chains, so that new ways of measuring supply chain performance can be achieved. However, the application of data analytics for SCPMS is dispersed in the literature and has not been thoroughly investigated yet. Moreover, many studies do not back up their research through practical applications, which indicates a lack of empirical foundation. In this talk, Raquel introduces a novel framework for conceptualizing data analytics-driven SCPMS by considering insights from both the literature and practice. The framework highlights the key dimensions of data analytics-driven SCPMS and sets the ground for effectively incorporating data analytics across the entire SCPMS lifecycle.

Short bio: Raquel Mello is a research assistant and Ph.D. candidate working at the research group for Information Systems & Supply Chain Management at the European Research Center for Information Systems (ERCIS), University of Münster in Germany. Her research focuses on performance measurement systems in the context of the supply chain, particularly with respect to the use of data analytics. Her work has been published in international conferences and journals. Moreover, Raquel worked on an international research project in the areas of Supply Chain Flexibility, Performance Measurement, and Maturity Models.