Carmen Sicking

Lunchtime Seminar - Dr. Rainer Hoffmann (EnBW)

Tuesday, 7. June 2016 - 12:00 to Saturday, 15. June 2024 - 7:07, Leo 18

Title: Short Term Asset Optimization in Energy Markets


Dr. Rainer Hoffmann is a project manager for intraday trading at EnBW AG. Prior to this, he was an analyst and model developer in the field of short term trading and asset management. He holds a doctoral degree in operations research and a diploma in industrial engineering. With his main interests on pump storage optimization, intraday trading, and digitalization, Dr. Hoffmann is a frequent speaker at academic and business conferences.


As a consequence of the German energy transformation, energy markets are significantly affected by solar and wind power. Since renewable feed-in can only be predicted several days ahead with increasing quality as less time remains, short term power markets gain importance. Optimizing flexible assets in short term markets is a highly complex task since mathematical, technical and process-related challenges have to be considered. This talk will give an overview on the existing short term markets, their particular characteristics as well as challenges, and the way EnBW optimizes its assets there.