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    • General Information on "Mathematics for Economists"

      In the course "Mathematics for Economists", basic mathematical skills in BA/Econometrics/Information Systems courses are taught to first-semester-students. The course consists of the following parts

      Lecture  "Mathematics for economists": This 3-hour-lecture presents contents from analysis and linear algebra:

      1. Systems of linear equations
      2. Linear Programming, Simplex-Algorithm
      3. Vectors in economical sciences
      4. Matrices in economical sciences
      5. Series
      6. Differential calculus for several variables
      7. Optimization (in particular, Lagrangean method)
      8. Supplementary topics: Induction, Integration in several variables

      During the lecture, economic applications of mathematical concepts are presented, sometimes roughly proving those concepts. The topics are built upon each other thus determining the above given agenda.

      Tutorial "Mathematics for Economists"
      During the 2-hour-tutorial students perform exercises according to the actual contents of the lecture. The tutorials are guided by experienced student-tutors. In particular, the tutorial prepares students to the final exam.

      Refreshment-Course "Mathematics for Economists"
      This course recovers calculus and function-basics taught at school. At the same time, the course shows, how those topics pertain to economic applications.

    • Approved Formularies

      One of the following formularies is allowed during exams - editions don't matter.

      1. Bartsch: Kleine Formelsammlung Mathematik. Fachbuchverlag Leipzig
      2. Bleymüller, Gehlert: Statistische Formeln, Tabellen und Programme. Verlag Vahlen. (Nur bedingt für Mathematik und OR geeignet. Index fehlt, darf aber gemäß folgendem Download in die FS eingeheftet werden, Details siehe unten) Index ab 10. Auflage, Index alt
      3. Böker: Formelsammlung für Wirtschaftswissenschaftler, Mathematik und Statistik. Pearson Studium. (Empfehlung! Für alle genannten Klausuren gut geeignet! Nicht ganz preiswert)
      4. Bomsdorf, Gröhn, Mosler, Schmid: Definitionen und Tabellen zur Statistik. (für "Mathematik" und "OR" nicht geeignet)
      5. Eggs, Neugarth, Raith: Mathematische Formelsammlung. Begriffe und Sätze. Diesterweg. (Schulformelsammlung)
      6. Formelsammlung bis zum Abitur. Duden-Paetec.
      7. Luderer, Nollau, Vetters: Mathematische Formeln für Wirtschaftswissenschaftler. Teubner.  (Empfehlung! Für alle genannten Klausuren gut geeignet! Enthält keine Elementargeometrie)
      8. Luderer, Nollau, Vetters: Mathematical Formulas for Economists. Springer. (Recommended, e.g., to foreign students)
      9. Schülkes Tafeln. Teubner. (Schulformelsammlung)
      10. Sieber: Mathematische Formeln und Begriffe. Klett. (Schulformelsammlung, mittlerweile in diversen Auflagen und Varianten)
      11. Tallarida: Pocket book of integrals and mathematical formulas. CRC-Press. 
      12. Terveer: Formeln für Mathematik und Statistik (earlier edition: Mathematik-Formeln). utb. (3rd edition recommended)
      13. Terveer: Fit für die Prüfung: Mathematik für Wirtschaftswissenschaften (Lerntafel). UVK. (vergriffen. Als Formelsammlung neu aufgelegt, siehe 12.) Korrektur-Seite  darf eingeheftet werden (Details siehe unten)
      14. Zypkin, Zypkin: Kleine Formelsammlung Mathematik. Fachbuchverlag Leipzig-Köln (Schulformelsammlung)

      Published Errata pages are allowed to be fixed to the formulary. Passages are allowed to be highlighted.

    • Approved Pocket Calculators

       CASIO Geräte auch mit dem Zusatz "Solar" und/oder folgendem Suffix    Texas Instruments Geräte auch mit dem Zusatz "Solar" und/oder folgendem Suffix
      FX 82 C,D,ES,L,LB,SUPER,SX, DE Plus   TI 25 X
      FX 83 WA, MS, GT Plus   TI 30 eco RS, X, Xa, X IIB, X IIS, GALAXY, XB Multiview, XS Multiview, X Pro Multiview
      FX 85 M,N,S,SA,V,VH,W,WA,MS,ES,  DE Plus   TI 31  
      FX-86 DE Plus   TI 34 II, II Explorer Plus, Multiview
      FX 95     TI 35 X
      FX 100 B, C, D, S, V   TI 36 X II, ECO RS
      FX 115 D, M,S,V,WA, MS   TI 40 GALAXY
      FX 260     TI 52  
      FX 350 W, WA,TLG, MS,ES   TI GALAXY 40  
      FX 570 AD, ES PLUS      
      FX 991 D,H,N,S,V,W,WA,MS,ES, ES PLUS, DE Plus, DE X   SHARP Geräte auch mit dem Zusatz "Solar" und/oder folgendem Suffix
      FX 992 S   EL-500 W, WBK
      FX D400     EL-501 V

      FX P401

          EL-506 V, W, WBK, X
        Dual Leaf SL-200   EL-510 R
      weitere Hersteller   EL-520 G, L, R, VA, VH, WG, WGBK
      BIG APPLE BETA 1000G   EL-531 GH, LH, P, RH, VH, G, H, WGBK, WHBK
      Canon F-602, F-604, F-720, F788dx   EL-546 L, VA, R
      Forthside Phi 25   EL-556 L
      ALDI KC-121      
      Sigma AK250      
      Toshiba SLC-8410(Solar)      
    • Approving external Mathematics-Courses

      Credits achieved at other universites are approved provided the respective courses are comparable in workload and content. For approving those credits, contact the examination board of our faculty. Concerning the content, your course should have covered the following topics:

      • Linear Algebra: Linear Equations, Linear Optimization (Simplex-Method), Vectors, Linear Combinations, Linear (In)Depencene, Scalar Product, Norm, Orthogonality, Projections, Matrices, Inverse Matrices, Determinants, Eigenvalues/-vectors
      • Series: Ex-/Implicit Representation, Limits, Finite and infinite Series, Power Series, Geometrical Series
      • Calculus of several variables:  Partial and directed derivative, Differential, Implicit Differentiations, Hessian, Curvature Conditions
      • Optimization in several variables: Necessary and sufficient conditions, Problems with and without restrictions, Lagrangean method, envelope theorem

      The module "Wirtschaftsmathematik" (WI) additionally requires the following topics:

      • Functions of one variable: General concepts, linear, quadratic and polynomial functions, exponential function, logarithm, power function, trigonometric functions
      • Calculus of one variable: function limits, Derivatives, Optimization, Discussion of functions, primitive functions, integrals and rules for integrals
      • Mathematics of Finance: Compound interest, interest during the period, continuous interest,  final and present value, net present value, internal rate of return

      An application of approval needs a thorough course description which might be complemented by the literature used, lecture-script, written exercises, topics of the exam,...