• in progress

    Muli – The Münster Logic-Imperative Language

    Object-oriented programming languages prevail in the development of enterprise software, but they do not particularly support the implementation of software which includes solving complicated search problems with dynamically appearing constraints. We propose the constraint-logic object-oriented language Muli. It facilitates an integrated implementation of business applications that involve search. Muli extends Java by logic variables and encapsulated search and leverages a symbolic virtual machine and constraint solvers.

    Project status in progress
    Project time since 01.11.2015
    Website https://github.com/wwu-pi/muli/
    Keywords Multi-paradigm programming language; Symbolic execution; Constraint-logic programming


    The Münster Generator of Glass-box Test Cases

    Testing is a task that requires much effort, yet it is essential for developing software. Automated test case generation (TCG) promises to relieve humans of manual work. We introduce Muggl (the Muenster generator of glass-box test cases), which is developed at our institute. Muggl generates test cases for Java bytecode.

    Project status in progress
    Project time since 01.11.2003
    Website https://github.com/wwu-pi/muggl/
    Keywords Testing; Glass-box testing; Automated test case generation