• Software

    Overview of software that I developed or contributed to:

    • MOA (implemented the confStream algorithm): Automated Algorithm Configuration and Selection for Stream Clustering algorithms
    • stream (official release on CRAN): R-Package which implements various functions and algorithms to cluster data streams.
    • streamMOA (official release on CRAN): Extension for the stream package which interfaces stream clustering algorithms from the Massive Online Analysis (MOA) library.
    • evoStream: Implementation of an evolutionary stream clustering algorithm. The algorithm is able to utilize the idle time in a stream in order to incrementally improve the clustering result.
    • userStream: Implementation of a stream clustering algorithm applicable to customer segmentation.
    • textClust: Implementation of a stream clustering algorithm which is able to analyse streams of text data.
    • jpegToolbox: Implementation of the JPEG algorithm for image compression. The package implements interfaces to various versions of the libjpeg library as well as custom implementations of the lossy compression pipeline.
    • Customer Service Monitor: Tool to analyse customer service on social media. The tool allows to automatically determine how often and frequently companies respond to questions on facebook and twitter.