• definitely finished

    DemoRESILdigital: Democratic resilience in times of online-propaganda, fake news, fear- and hate speech

    Project status definitely finished
    Project time 01.01.2018- 31.03.2023
    Website https://www.demoresildigital.uni-muenster.de/
    Funding source MKW - Förderlinie „Digitale Gesellschaft“ - Nachwuchsforschungsgruppe
    Project number 005-1709-0001
    Keywords Online-Propaganda; Fake news; Fear speech; Hate speech; Media effects; Resilience; Computational Social Science; Communication Science; Digital Communication; Media Psychology; data science; information science


  • in progress

    PIONEER II - ERASMUS Mundus Master "Public Sector Innovation and eGovernance"

    Project status in progress
    Project time 01.10.2022- 30.11.2028
    Website https://pioneer-master.eu/
    Funding source EC - Erasmus+ - Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters
    Project number 101082574
    Keywords Information Systems; Information Management; E-Government; Public Sector


    ERCIS Social Media Analytics Competence Center

    The Social Media Analytics Competence Center (SMA CC) emerged from the funded BMBF project PropStop and comprises all partners of this consortium. In the meantime, the initial idea of Propstop (addressing the detection of automatically generated propaganda in online media) has become a major issue in societal and scientific discussion. This competence center aims at reaching beyond the boundaries of PropStop and etstablishes a community of researchers and practitioners to address the topics of Disinformation, Propaganda, and Manipulation via Online Media in a multidisciplinary approach.

    Project status in progress
    Project time since 01.08.2018
    Website https://sma.ercis.org/
    Keywords Social Media Analytics; Social Media; Propaganda; Data Analytics; Social Bots