MEMO Conference

The MEMO conference, organized by the University of Münster under the auspices of the Chair of Digital Innovation and the Public Sector (DIPS), is a response to the growing demand for methodologically robust and practically applicable modernization tools in administrative practice. The conference significantly contributes to the modernization of municipal and higher-level administrative structures by promoting efficient, cost-effective, and beneficial tools. These tools and technologies are crucial not only for efficient administrative management but also for enhancing the quality of public services, ultimately benefiting society as a whole.

A key focus of the MEMO conference is the direct applicability of the tools presented. This emphasis allows participants to immediately benefit from the latest developments and incorporate them into their work. The conference fosters an exchange between research and practice, enabling participants to share experiences and network. This interaction promotes both individual development and collective advancements in administrative processes.

The conference targets decision-makers at municipal, state, and federal levels, positioning MEMO as a pivotal gathering for key figures in the public sector. It emphasizes an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach, featuring presentations by executives from various fields, including economic development.

For the upcoming 17th MEMO 2024 conference, the spotlight will again be on methodologically robust and practice-oriented tools and methods for administrative modernization. Participants can expect innovative approaches tailored to the current challenges in public administration. With a focus on practical solutions and a comprehensive program of lectures, discussions, and exhibitions, MEMO 2024 aims to further enhance efficiency, transparency, and citizen orientation in administration. The event is not just a forum for knowledge transfer and discussion; it's an investment in the future of modern, service-oriented, and efficient administration.