During lecture time, we have our Lunchtime Seminar each Tuesday from 12.15-12.45. During this seminars, researchers of the Department or invited guest provide us with insights into their research.

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12.06.2018 Lunchtime Seminar - Who is pulling the strings in new work practices? Surfacing the materiality of ideological control.

In new work practices, managerial control has turned from direct supervision to more subtle forms relying on voluntary engagement. This paper aims at addressing the need for more materialized, embodied and temporalized view of control to counterbalance purely virtual and technologically-enabled approaches. To do so, I key into ontological discussions for addressing the underexplored materiality of ideological control. The contribution of this paper is to draw on... mehr

05.06.2018 Lunchtime Seminar - Solving Chemical Retrosynthesis by Means of Deep Learning and Monte Carlo Tree Search

To plan the syntheses of small organic molecules, chemists use retrosynthesis, a technique in which target molecules are recursively transformed into increasingly simpler precursors. Computer-aided retrosynthesis would be a valuable tool but at present it is slow and provides results of unsatisfactory quality. Here we use Monte Carlo tree search to discover retrosynthetic routes. We combined Monte Carlo tree search with an expansion policy network that guides the search, and a filter network... mehr

29.05.2018 Lunchtime Seminar - Introduction to the Industrial Data Space from an Information Modeling Perspective.

The Industrial Data Space [1] initiative aims at establishing a „network of trust“ for a secure and reliable exchange of digital resources between business partners in dynamic value-creation scenarios. Regardless of the domain, the Data Space architecture [2] addresses issues related to the publication, search, negotiation, delivery, and the subsequent usage of data and reusable data processing applications in accordance with licensing terms of the sovereign resource provider. Catalog... mehr

08.05.2018 Lunchtime Seminar - Phronesis, Argumentation and Puzzle Solving in IS Research: Illustrating an Approach to Phronetic IS Research Practice

The embedding of information systems (IS) infrastructure into everyday social activity is creating intractable value conflicts for society. However, IS research largely focuses on: (1) episteme, explanatory and predictive theories; and (2) techné, theories of action for implementation and management of IS technologies. Consequently, we lack applicable knowledge for deliberating about IS value conflicts. The third type of knowledge, phronesis, which Aristotle proposed to inform ethical... mehr

17.04.2018 Lunchtime Seminar - The Role of Information Systems in Shaping the Dynamics of Organizational Attention: Reflections and Empirical Evidence

William Ocasio defines organizational attention as the “noticing, encoding, interpreting, and focusing of time and effort by organizational decision makers on issues and answers” (p. 189). Attention is a scarce and critical resource that is distributed in the organization to foster the focus on a diverse set of issues and action alternatives. Organizational strategy acts as a guide to the distribution of the attention effort in the organization, coherent interconnection between pockets of... mehr

10.04.2018 Lunchtime Seminar - Deep Recommendation based on Collective Knowledge

Nowadays, we have a huge amount of information overload over Internet. To extract useful information, filtering is required. Search engines help to solve this problem to some extent but they do not deliver customized (personalized) information. Hence, there is a need for effective recommendation tools. This line of investigation leads to our central specific question for the present project. We rephrase Turing’s dictum in the following question. Can recommendation systems think? Answers to... mehr

30.01.2018 Lunchtime Seminar - Overview on Information Systems at the University of São Paulo

The University of São Paulo (USP) is the largest and one of the most important universities in Latin America, founded 80 years ago. Among its nearly 50 units (including schools, colleges and institutes), at least five are directly linked to teaching and research in the field of information systems, computing and information technology. The objective of this talk is to present an overview of USP with a focus on these areas of knowledge.

23.01.2018 Lunchtime Seminar - Propaganda and Social Media: Actors, Trends, and Consequences

The German general election of September 2017 has amplified the interest of German media and public in possible consequences of social bot usage in social networks. Did something happen, actually? We show some interesting actions detected during our social network monitoring and use that as starting point to characterize what the status of automation in social media is. What is the impact of the new phenomena, how can we detect them, and what are possible countermeasures? And, what is the... mehr

16.01.2018 Lunchtime Seminar - The Impact of the EU General Data Protection Regulation on Mobile Privacy Decision Making

Title: The Impact of the EU General Data Protection Regulation on Mobile Privacy Decision Making

Speaker: Matthias Tietz und Jan Betzing


09.01.2018 Lunchtime Seminar - Smart Urban Resilience

A key feature of many future technologies is that they rely more and more on ICT-technologies - hence the vulnerability potential tends to grow. New technologies should be implemented in a sensible way s. t. urban resilience increases but at least does not decrease. The transformation of the classical power system into smart grids is one of the most prominent and societally relevant examples of upcoming transformations - the ongoing increase of automation and power consumption illustrates... mehr