During lecture time, we have our Lunchtime Seminar each Tuesday from 12.15-12.45. During this seminars, researchers of the Department or invited guest provide us with insights into their research.

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23.01.2024 CANCELED
30.01.2024 The Technology-behavior Compensation Effect: How Beneficial and Actively Used Technologies Can Counteract Their Societal Goals

Speaker: Simon Thanh-Nam Trang

09.04.2024 Exploring the Boundaries of Digital Product Innovation - The Case of Over-the-Air Technology

Speaker: Thomas Haskamp

16.04.2024 Integrated Planning and Digital Twins in Healthcare Logistics

Speaker: Dr.-Ing. Melanie Reuter-Oppermann

23.04.2024 The Benevolent Enterprise – How to Operationalise and Scale Doing Good

Speaker: Marleen Voss

07.05.2024 Enhancing customer satisfaction: The impact of IoT-driven process change

Speaker: Monika Malinova Mandelburger

Abstract: Over the past decade, organizations have been increasingly relying on digital technologies to meet customer demands. Among these, the Internet of Things (IoT) is one example of an umbrella of technologies that is often used for this purpose. The adoption of IoT technologies often alters business processes, which in turn affects the customers in various ways. This research talk will delve into how IoT-... mehr

14.05.2024 Started for the Call, Continued for the Job: The Effect of Personal Contact in Online Labor Platform Onboarding on Worker Activity and Performance

Speaker: Dr. Mark Boons

28.05.2024 Public Data Spaces as Service Ecosystems: Insights from Designing a Cultural Data Space

Speaker: Prof. Daniel Beverungen

11.06.2024 Will be announced

Speaker: Dr. Shweta Singh

25.06.2024 Will be announced

Speaker: Will be announced