During lecture time, we have our Lunchtime Seminar each Tuesday from 12.15-12.45. During this seminars, researchers of the Department or invited guest provide us with insights into their research.

Datesort ascending Title Abstract
14.05.2019 Accessible mobile and web applications: concerns regarding their development

In the context of approaches for mobile software development, we present our concerns on the level of accessibility and usability for their interface components. We understand that model-driven development (MDD) and cross-platform mobile development, together, may offer benefits to solve the gap and benefit the development of more accessible mobile applications. This presentation discusses the investigations and trends to include requirements for accessibility in interface components during... more

07.05.2019 Think Digitization to its End – The Impact and Importance of eGovernment to Public Administration

Whereas digitization offers countless opportunities to individuals as well as to organizations, public administration lacks behind in making use of advanced technologies and applying information management tools. However, as public authorities have recognized the potential of digitization for service delivery and administrative organization their efforts in establishing common digitization strategies, institutions, and electronic service delivery are faced with several challenges. Recent and... more

30.04.2019 How to master the "E" - Tools for Competence Identification, Provision and Preservation in a Digitalized Public Sector

The digitalization of every aspect of life is in full swing and becoming an all-embracing societal phenomenon. Public administrations worldwide, eager to increase their efficiency and effectiveness, are in a change process, induced by the pervasiveness of technological advancements. This development does not only mean the substitution of analogue processes by the integration of information technologies, but first and foremost leads to changing demands on the tasks, roles and competences of... more

23.04.2019 Assessing and improving the maturity of spare parts supply chains in the mechanical engineering industry

Nowadays, the provision of spare parts and related maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services is a differentiating key factor and important growth sector for manufacturers. Especially in the capital-intensive mechanical engineering industry, companies rely on high-value technical systems in their processes. Hence, failures of machinery and related downtimes lead to losses in production or operations, decreasing customer satisfaction and high costs. Corresponding spare parts supply... more

16.04.2019 Increasing Model Utilization in Software Engineering

"Model-Driven Software Development is widely adopted throughout research and industry" is a sentence that often opens scientific papers regarding model-driven software engineering. While it is true that models are widely adopted they are often not utilized to their full extent. Therefore, efficiency enhancement potential and inherent insights remain unused. The talk presents the current status of research on increasing model utilization in software engineering. The audience will understand... more

09.04.2019 Multimodality in Multi-Objective Optimization - More Boon than Bane?

This talk addresses a new perspective on multimodality of multi-objective (MO) optimization landscapes.  In Operations Research, we learn that local optima are traps for local opimizers. Interestingly, this fact is simply transfered to multi-objective optimization as certainty as well, although we do not have enough insights into multi-objective landscape characteristics. In our work, we use sophisticated visualization techniques, which rely on gradient fi eld heatmaps and enable a... more

29.01.2019 Lunchtime Seminar - Towards the automated Design of Heuristic-Based algorithms for lot-sizing problems

Supply chains and production environments, especially in high wage countries like Germany, are constantly becoming more dynamic and complex for several decades already. This development finds its most recent peak in the advent of Industrie 4.0, in which it is intended to enable production systems to be reconfigurable and flexible, manufacturing products in vastly varying amounts and constantly changing specifications. Such changes of course influence the planning model that creates the base... more

22.01.2019 Lunchtime Seminar - Online-propaganda, disinformation & emotional Manipulation – Interdisciplinary Approaches to understand and combat manipulative online-communication in the DemoRESILdigital group.

Abstract. Our society becomes more and more digitalized. Beyond new opportunities for democratic participation, this also offers new opportunity structures for the dissemination of manipulative content such as populist or extremist online-propaganda, fake news, or emotionally manipulative content. Counter-strategies, which focus solely on the repression of such contents, are limited by both the speed and dynamic of digital dissemination channels, as well... more

15.01.2019 Lunchtime Seminar - Discovering Design Features of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the Knowledge-based Work of the Future: A Socio-Technical Analysis

Abstract:   Knowledge-based work has realized across industries and jobs, and the infiltration of AI into this work comes exponentially with advance of technologies. In this regard, Artificial intelligence (AI) produces a series of design features in this knowledge work environment of the future. The purpose of this study is to discover a variety of AI design features in the future-oriented knowledge-based work by a view of socio-technical perspective. To elucidate divergent... more

08.01.2019 Lunchtime Seminar - Machine Understanding for Enterprise Applications

In his talk Prof. Löser will briefly review main drivers for the platform economy and will sketch important implications for the German economy. Later, he will introduce their work on neural text mining for enterprise applications. In particular, he will focus on tasks such as in-database text mining, sentence classification, entity linkage, Hate-speech detection and neural paragraph retrieval. Finally, Prof. Löser will outline latest trends and his ‘bets’ in the area of neural text mining... more