International Education in Münster

As part of your Information Systems course, you also have a great opportunity to give your studies an international flavour without leaving Münster – by taking part in the “ERCIS Master Virtual Seminar” or the “Bachelor Winter School on Business Process Management (BPM)”. In the “ERCIS Master Virtual Seminar” you’ll be forming a virtual team with students from other countries and working with them in a multicultural group. The “Bachelor Winter School on Business Process Management (BPM)” in Münster and Vaduz gives you a deeper insight into all the various aspects of BPM.

BPM Winter School for BSc in Information Systems students

The BPM Winter School is an annual event offered by the Hilti Chair of Business Process Management at the Institute of Information Systems at the University of Liechtenstein. This can be credited in Münster as a specialist IS module. The lecture course is delivered (in English!) in Liechtenstein and ends with a final written examination. In addition to the series of events in Liechtenstein, you commit – as part of the specialist module – to take part in seminars in Münster (either before or after your stay in Liechtenstein) and to writing a seminar thesis in the field of BPM (in English or German) either before the event or after your return to Münster. The Winter School gives you the chance to get to know students from all over Europe, expand your knowledge of BPM and have a lot of fun in the process! 

You’ll find information about the application process, deadlines, costs, contact persons, etc., on the webpages of the portal.

Virtual Seminar for MSc in Information Systems students

The ERCIS Master Seminar is held annually and can be credited as a seminar course – even at the partner universities! The idea behind this seminar is that 2–3 students from different European universities work together in a virtual environment on a specific topic in the field of Information Systems. The tasks include writing and presenting an academic article and reflecting on the collaboration experience in a learning portfolio.