Over their course of study, there will be a number of occasions when students will have to prepare a written report or present results as part of a specialist module or seminar course. To ensure that these assignments are completed in a standardised form, templates for written reports and presentations have been made available on this website. We would also like to refer to two sets of guidelines on structuring academic work. Please adhere to these guidelines as you prepare academic assignments at the Department of Information Systems. 

  • Templates for Final Theses

    The subject areas of the individual research groups at the Department range from focusing purely on business administration to very technical applications, with the result that groups have different requirements and provide different templates for the formatting of final theses. 

    Data Science / DIPS (joint “template Gieseke / Brandt”) 

    Computational Social Science & Systems Analysis (“Grimme template”) 

    Information Management (“Becker template”) 

    Inter-organisational Systems/IT Security/QM in Logistics 

    • There is no special template. Please ask your supervisor.

    Computer Science 

    Supply Chain Management (“Hellingrath template”) 

    Digital Transformation and Society

  • Templates for Presentations

    As part of their studies, every student will have to give presentations in seminar courses, specialist modules and project seminars. Software such as Microsoft PowerPoint or LaTeX can be very useful. For standardised presentations, the Department of Information Systems offers the PowerPoint template of the European Research Center for Information Systems (ERCIS) or that of the WWU Münster. Please contact your supervisor to ask whether they have a preference. 

    At present, only PowerPoint is supported. In future, we will also offer templates for OpenOffice and LaTex. 

  • Past Exams

    Practising on past examns is a great way of preparing for current exams. The student council regularly collects these from lecturers and makes them available in the Past Paper Archive

  • Examination Regulations and Module Handbook

    You’ll find all you need to know about examination regulations, module descriptions and study schedules on the webpages of the Examination Office. 

    webpages of the Examination Office

    Master Course (Acceptance and admissions regulations, 2018 and later, German only)

  • Code of Conduct for Academic Work

    Compliance with good academic practice when preparing academic work is important. We would like to refer here to two sets of guidelines that cover the topic in a useful and expedient way. We are aware that there are many other guidelines which also offer helpful advice and we recommend that you spend some time engaging with this issue. Everyone who writes an academic (qualification) thesis at WWU Münster’s Department of Information Systems should read these guidelines and follow the advice and principles contained in them.

    Rules of good scientific practice at WWU (in German)