Ingolf Terveer

Start of Lectures in Summer Term 2016

In ST 2016, the Master -Lectures have following starting dates

Lecture Raum/Location Dozent/Lecturer Start Bemerkung/Remark
IM - Theories Leo18 Teubner 11.04.2016  
Enterprise Architecture Management Leo18 Hellingrath 11.04.2016  
Workflow Management (Block) Leo18 Delfmann 12.04.2016 Attention: Lecture is read 'en bloc' and lectures start s.t. Please consult the lecture's website for details.
Information Security Leo18 Fischer 12.04.2016  
Network Economics (Block) Leo18 Dr. Russell Haines 18.04.2016 Intro 18.04. / lecture 'en bloc in June
Data Analytics 2 WIPool Preuß 13.04.2016  
Advanced Concepts in Software Engineering Leo18 Kuchen 11.04.2016  
Retail Leo18 Becker 14.04.2016