Andreas Baumgart

Payment + Renewal for summer term 2013 - new regulations

From summer term 2013, immatriculated students are requested to confirm for the next term online (instead of paper mail). To this end, the university has sent an email to all students today. If you have not received this Email, please check your ZIV-email-account (MeinZIV). Electronic Confirmation (Payment & Renewal for summer term 2013) has to be completed until the 12th of February 2013. According to the German instructions, following steps need to be performed in order to do the Payment & Renewal:

  1. Login via https://service.uni-muenster.de/go

  2. switch the language via the british flag in the upper right corner.

  3. Choose "Administration of study" in the left menu

  4. Choose "Payment & Renewal". Here informations regarding the amount of the term fee are given as well as transfer details.

    4a. Note the account number and the Bank identification code (BIC) and the recipient information

    4b. Important: Furthermore you need to enter in the "Reason for payment" just an 13-digit identification number. This and only this number must be used in the "Reason for payment" section of your transfer.

  5. The transfer of student fees has to be accomplished until 12th of February 2013 at the latest. Otherwise exmatriculation will be the consequence.