Ingolf Terveer

Information about the new structure of MScIS

The new track structure in Master Studies of Information Systems is now in its (hopefully) final state.

You can find informations concerning the curriculum on our information site for prospective students.

The updated module compendium can be found in a preliminary version here (but also at the above mentioned site). The official binding version together with the updated examination rules will be published by the examination board at a later time - but the differences to the preliminary version are expected to be very minimal.

Moreover, this compendium contains some informations for students who have begun their studies in summer term 2014 or earlier and who are considering to change to the modified examination rules. As a short summary:

  • Change of Examination rules (within PO2010) is possible. If preferred, such a change has to be requested at the examination board (PAM)  between 6th and 10th October 2014.

  • Change of rules can be recommended only for students who started in summer term 2014.

  • For other students who have regularly completed  their first year of studies, such a change cannot be recommended.

  • Replacement Rules for Modules in old and new structure are given at the end of the Module compendium.

Most of the modules in the former track structure can be found in the new track structure, few have been renamed or replaced by new modules,  some have changed  term-assignment. Two new modules (Network Econonomics, Retail) have been added. The elective modules are unchanged, except the formulation had to be adopted to legal requirements (Introduction of two modules "Selected Chapters in BA", "Selected Chapters in CS", by which the formulations in the Elective Lecture Module could be formulated more precisely ). Project Seminar and Master's Thesis Modules were formulated more precisely concerning Relevant Work and Study Work.