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Research on Strategic IT/IS Management

The research on Strategic Information Management is concerned with the development of IT/IS strategies, the management of IT/IS investments, investment portfolios, and programmes, as well as with the sourcing, organization and governance of the corporate IT/IS function.

Project status in progress
Project time 01.01.1997- 31.12.2032
Keywords IT/IS strategy; IT/IS strategy implementation; IT/IS investment planning; IT/IS portfolio management; IT/IS programme management; IT outsourcing; IT/IS organization; IT governance

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AACSB-Accreditation of a German School of Business

AACSB is an international accreditation agency organized as a club with a network administration organization. AACSB emphasize formative evaluation, in order to facilitate its members learning and continuous development. Our research studies the precarious alignment between the identities of highly diverse members and AACSB’s standards and values, which are subject to an ongoing collective review and development, and are enacted by peer review teams throughout accreditation or continuous improvement visits.

Project status definitely finished
Project time 30.04.2014- 16.05.2018
Keywords Organizational identity, sensemaking, netwok membership relation, international accreditation, higher education markets

Online Consumer Behaviour: An analysis of the air travel industry

Based on the analysis of online consumer behaviour in the air travel industry, this study compares industry and company (Lufthansa) findings with respect to search space (consideration set), search time, search paths, and multi-channel behavior (role of online travel agents and price comparison sites).

Project status definitely finished
Project time 21.04.2016- 31.07.2017
Keywords Online consumer behaviour, customer journey, airtravel industry, Lufthansa, Online panel, web log analysis

Sustainable High Performance - the quest for balanced work practices

The proliferation of information and communication technology (ICT) has significantly transformed the way work is organized in many companies today. A highly differentiated and elaborated repertoire of collaboration tools affords employees and organizations with unprecedented leeway in deciding when, where, how, and with whom work is to be done. Finally, it seems, employees are empowered to fashion their own solution for their work-life balance. At the same time studies acknowledge that we live in demanding, sometimes over-demanding times. Extended freedom puts the onus on employees, teams, and managers to craft their work. Under these circumstances, delivering high performance and staying healthy over long periods of time is an impressive achievement. Our research aims at understanding how high performers succeed to maintain their level of performance and to balance demands and periods of rest.

Project status definitely finished
Project time 01.04.2015- 30.06.2016
Funding source DOOR International B.V.
Keywords sustainability; balanced work practices; information systems

On the impact of collaboration tools - valuable resources or stressors?

Against the backdrop of current debates about new ways of working and technologically induced stress, we acknowledge the ambivalent effects of collaboration tools on their users: on the one hand they are enabling and facilitating distributed collaboration and knowledge sharing, on the other hand they add another layer of complexity to distributed project work and still too often fail. Therefore, we are exploring the link between the technology repertoires of employees engaged in multiple project teams and the level of stress.

Project status definitely finished
Project time 01.01.2012- 31.12.2015
Keywords Technology and stress, technology in use, heart rate variability

Community Platform Redesign for the German Association of CIOs and IT Managers

VOICE e.V. is the association of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and IT Managers in Germany. The association provides an online community platform in order to facilitate communication and collaboration between its members, however, usage remains low. Consequently, the executive committee decided to initiate a major redesign of the platform. We support the association in this initiative by evaluating the role of the community platform for VOICE, assessing its status quo and formulating requirements for the redesigned platform.

Project status definitely finished
Project time 03.02.2014- 31.12.2014
Keywords Online Communities; Community Management; Social Software; Enterprise 2.0

Inter-organisational Informattion Infrastructures - Structures, Practices, Development Patterns

Inter-organisational information infrastructures have become the backbone of modern societies. Still we know little about their role, impact and development across different segments of society.

Project status definitely finished
Project time 01.01.2012- 31.12.2013
Funding source DFG - Individual Grants Programme
Project number KL 887/9-1
Keywords Interorganizational Systems, Infrastructures, health care, international comparative study, practice theory

Structures and evolutionary paths of interorganisational information systems: an international comparison in selected industry segments

Based on case studies in different countries and branches, the different structures and evolutionary paths of IOIS respective to the (national) institutional and economic conditions are analysed.

Project status definitely finished
Project time 01.09.2005- 30.12.2008
Funding source DFG - Individual Grants Programme
Keywords Interorganizational Information Systems

Internet Economics - Web-Evaluation in Mutli-Channel Systems

Evaluation of the implementation of multi-channel strategies that integrate on- and offline channels. Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Project status definitely finished
Project time 01.07.2003- 31.12.2007
Funding source Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Project number 01AK704
Keywords Web assessement; multi channel systems, Electronic Business

Internet economy and hybridity

Project status definitely finished
Project time 01.01.2003- 31.12.2007
Funding source Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Project number 01AK704
Keywords Hybrid Systems, Internet economy, Banking, Financial Services

DOMINO - Dynamic Organizational Management for Inter-firm Network Orchestrations

European Research project on Dynamic Organizational Management for Inter-firm Network Orchestrations.

Project status definitely finished
Project time 01.11.2001- 30.04.2003
Funding source EC FP 5 - Cost-sharing contracts
Project number IST-2000-29545
Keywords Organizational Management; Network management; Inter-firm Network