• Miscellaneous

    Selected Invited Talks

    • Personal Data Disclosure as a Call Option: From Financial Mathematics to Privacy Measurement, Center for Research on Computation and Society, Harvard University, November 2009
    • Towards Insurable Network Architectures, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, November 2009
    • Data Retention - A Threat to Online Anonymity? Theory and Empirical Facts, Center for Information Technology Policy, Princeton University, February 2010
    • Security Metrics and Security Investment Models, IWSEC 2010 keynote, Kobe, Japan, November 2010
    • Counter-Forensics: The Art of Misleading, IWDW 2012 keynote, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China, November 2012
    • Measuring the Cost of Cybercrime, IMF 2013 keynote, Nuremberg, Germany, March 2013

    Digital Identity

    For confidential communication, please encrypt your messages with my PGP/GPG public key. Note that I may not be able to respond immediately to confidential communication whenever I work in untrusted environments.

    The fingerprint of my public key is:

    1C1F E7E6 039B DA1B E630  1A15 99D0 738A 70DF 7A85

    I do not assume any legal liability for documents signed with this key.


    I occasionally accept consulting jobs, which must fulfill the following criteria:

    • the job is compatible with my obligations as civil servant in Germany,
    • the contract partner is a reputable organization,
    • the job is remunerated at market rates,
    • I do not sign NDAs without very good reasons, and they must be specific and contain a sunset provision.

    Please consider funding my research group or serving as industry partner in a project seminar with highly motivated students as viable alternatives to a consulting contract.

    Declaration of Interest

    I hold a minority interest in dence GmbH, a Dresden-based startup offering solutions in the area of digital multimedia forensics.