• in progress

    Game theoretical approach for the distribution of children to day-care facilities

    The distribution of children to day-care facilities is a complex matching problem. Many cities solve the problem with a decentralized approach, where each day-care facility has its own wait-list. This process is often time-consuming and not optimized in view of parents’ preferences. We work in cooperation with the Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research on a market mechanism, which enables an automatic distribution, which considers the needs of both parents and day-care facilities.

    Project status in progress
    Project time 01.06.2016- 31.12.2025
    Keywords Game Theory; Market Mechanisms; Allocation Algorithms; Deffered Accaptance


    E-Assessment Tool for UML class diagrams

    The correction of student exercises for modelling UML class diagrams can be complex. Especially, when the exercise urges the students to use suitable design patterns, it can be difficult to compare two solutions with different design patterns. For this reason, we work on an E-Assessment tool, which is able to automatically identify design patterns within student solutions. The results can be leveraged to create customized feedback for students, which aims at the correct choice and application of design patterns.

    Project status in progress
    Project time 01.10.2015- 31.10.2025
    Keywords formative E-Assessment; design patterns; UML class diagrams