Procedure for writing your thesis

Determine the topic and the supervisor

Here you can find our supervisors and their respective topics. If you would like to write your thesis on one of these topics, please contact the supervisor directly and CC Shariga Sivanathan.

Supervisor Thematic focus
Niklas Korte  E-Government, Process Management, GaaP
Ann-Kathrin Meyer Smart City, Data Science, Optimization Problems
Jonathan Pfaffenrot Digital Health Interventions, Mobile Health
Shariga Sivanathan Digital Health (Platforms, Ecosystems), Digital Entrepreneurship, Innovation

If you have your own topic request, reach out to Shariga Sivanathan, she will take over the further coordination. Please also contact her if you have general questions regarding the process or the organization of your thesis.


Arrange an initial meeting and create your exposé

Arrange an initial meeting with your supervisor, then prepare an exposé and send it to them. If you already have an idea for your thesis, then contact the supervisor with a first draft of an exposé that summarizes your idea and how you would tackle that topic methodologically. The exposé helps your supervisor to assess whether the implementation of your structure is feasible within the framework of the thesis. It also serves as a guideline for you during the preparation of the thesis.


Register for your thesis

After you have successfully registered for the thesis, the processing period begins.

Use our tool to calculate the deadline of your thesis.


Schedule regular meetings with your supervisor

While you are writing your thesis, schedule meetings regularly with your supervisor to record and discuss your progress.

You will also receive help with any questions you may have while writing your thesis.


Submit your thesis

Upload your thesis in our Thesis Uploader.

The submission is therefore completely digital; the submission of a printed copy is not necessary.


  • Visit our Learnweb course on scientific writing, where we explain in detail how you should proceed when writing an academic paper (Enrolment key: DIPSWriting).
  • Please use this LaTeX template for your thesis. It is also available on Overleaf.
  • Your bachelor thesis may be written in German or English, your master thesis only in English.
  • Please use only LaTeX for writing your thesis.
  • The start date of the thesis is freely selectable after consultation.