Empowerment at the digital workplace and its impacts on employee innovation – a quantitative evaluation

Information technologies (IT), such as smartphones or laptops are used more and more in our daily and professional life. This often enables employees to design his work method and to be free in IT choices. As a result, there is often an overlap between private and professional life spaces. The master thesis considers the use of IT devices for work and private purposes together with the degree of empowerment that is granted to the employee. The demands regarding the employee empowerment are compared to the skills and experience of the employee regarding the degree of empowerment. This results in the empowerment-fit of the employee. The degree of the empowerment-fit can have positive as well as negative impacts on the employee. This master thesis measures the impacts of the empowerment-fit on the innovative behavior of the employee at the digital workplace as well as the effect on the work overload and the Work-to-Life conflict, by quantitatively evaluating a survey.